Do not go any further than this post. You are being asked to expand your mind. Right here and now. 

Enough of the so-called “dreaming”. We are not talking about that. No. 

We are not anywhere close to talking about a meme or a photo or your vision for a happy life. 

This is a place to be raw down to your core. 

Don’t think about touching your phone. Actually, set it down. Better yet, turn it to silent and go set it in another room. (Unless you have an important call coming through soon, or need it by for medical emergencies!!)

This is not about a quote full of wishes and desires. 

This is…you. 

This is always going to be you. 

Are you ready? Let’s go. 

Dreaming and Dreaming

I’m not referring to your first thought about the word dream. Who knows, maybe I am. So many of us are so fascinated by gifs and memes and quotes of ‘dreams’. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love those little worded posts. But you and I are here to discuss dreams, the things that happen to us all when we close our eyes or think. 

Don’t for a second think about a dream quoted meme, because dreams take you so much deeper than a quick passing thought. 

Here I get to share my love for dreaming with you. Yes, dreaming does have to do with the ‘manifesting-dreams’ mantra, but in order to get there, before your meme, you have to put heart into what it means for you. 

Most dreams start from dreams. 

I’ll let you ponder this a while. Until then, 

Happy Day and Happy Dreaming,


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