It’s no secret that I enjoy keeping the US Postal service in the business with handwritten letters and my new love affair with postcards.  I have been called ‘old fashion’ and letter writing seems to be a very “old” thing to do.

Yesterday I sent out my first batch of postcards to share the news of a new product, that will hit the dream market soon.

Do you know how hard it is to find postcards these days?

During college, I picked up postcards here and there for my scrapbooks. Only recently, I decided to make it part of a birthday challenge to collect postcards that matched my age. Last year, I turned to my social media to find others who’d like to join me, on the adventure of sending postcards to reach my limit.

It became very apparent to those who participated, that finding postcards was truly the challenging part. Some caved and dropped out of the challenge because of this. Now I’ll have to rely on myself to find and send postcards if I want to complete the challenge. I feel I shouldn’t have to walk into a specialty shop or an airport to find postcards. Where have all the post cards gone? I love seeing the history of places captured on paper. HA! Another old-timer thing to say.

Over time, you’ll hear me talk about my delicate and often finicky relation with technology, within these posts. Pen and paper will give you a 99.9% success rate over any technical device; at least in my experience. In future posts, I’ll share more about my sensitivity to electronics, but for now, this post is about launching news of my latest product (on paper!).

As you can see, the stamp for my postcards were just print outs. Immediately saddened by their look, I decided that in the future I’ll purchase postcard stamps. The look of print out stamps are “too modern” for this classic gal. At the same price, I really shouldn’t allow myself to settle.

TIP: Postcard stamps are real! Don’t pay full price for a letter stamp, purchase postcard stamps.
Besides, stamps are amazing too! (I may have a small collection of those too…)

After today, the calls will be coming in about my cards, and I can’t wait to see what kind of feedback I’ll get! Once the product is ready for launch, I’ll have a forward-facing image posted here.

Like everyone else, you too have to be held in suspense! I love surprises, so be prepared to get plenty from me.
Hope you have patience 🙂

Until then,

Happy Day and Happy Dreaming!


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