By now, I hope that you’ve read my first post and are in the mindset of thinking about dreams. I would like to introduce myself and the services offered. 

Please, call me Cassie. Cassandra is my given name. Both names I adore completely. (More on the topic of names, particularly my name, much later.)

I was born and raised in Texas and you’ll hear and read me talk about Texas this, and Texas that. But no fear, it’s my place of birth and home state, so it’s bound to come up now and then. Right in between everything else that’s spiritual, food, my little flock of country ducks, garden, country living, more about food, and anything that falls under the great outdoors will all be up for grabs when writing and shooting videos. 

I was raised Catholic, which has now become more of a base for helping me grow spiritually; allowing me to see life from a new perspective.

The second oldest, or middle child, depending on your point of view, I come from a family of six. I have siblings who are just as adventurous and accomplished as me. My own family went from three to two, which there are no regrets about the outcome of my new little family. (Details about this later in the post.)

For my services, they include dream interpretations, which will consist of allowing you to submit written dreams, or having a live dream interpretation consultation with me. Guided dream journals, numerology readings, and more spiritually minded surprises to come soon!

When The Spiritual Spark Increased

Growing up I had no idea that I was a little entrepreneur in the making. Over the years I was honing my skills at every moment I could. And most of that revolved around food. There was always a lot of involvement with food when it came time to learning for me.

Around high school, a spiritual calling began to take hold of me. I began to journal my dreams more frequently. I no longer had an interest in writing about normal life events at that point. After all, it was only high school, and I was not part of the popular students or student-athletes.

I decided early on in junior high, that school was not for making friends or dating. What could a young person know about love? Our bodies were changing and I felt that rite was personal and should be guarded. In my opinion, school was about focusing on learning and growing, to shape you into a productive and useful person in society. (Yes, I had my crushes and a couple very short-lived “boyfriends”, though I never attached myself to the idea of high school sweethearts. Not my cup of tea.)

The lack of school involvement was all for good reason. My interests and skills were blossoming and growing in another area, and no one knew it, only me.

Somewhere along the way, Sylvia Browne was rediscovered by my family. Not being fond of regular high school cliches, I began to find myself spending time alone in our school library. One day scanning the bookcases, I came across Sylvia’s Book of Dreams. Collecting a small handful of other books of interest, I sat down to read until the lunch break ended.

I learned that people have been documenting their dreams in private journals for many years. Unaware I had started a dream journal, I was interested and fascinated by all things involving dreams.

Prophecies Everywhere

As destiny would have it, I began to enjoy dreaming that prophetic dreams started to become frequent.

My first major prophetic dream was about a family member passing away. It was a good-bye dream that was received on the day of their passing. I knew who guided and offered them a welcome into Heaven. It was beautiful to have been chosen in the way of a dream, to exchange some of the last moments of life. For the years after, my family and I have cherished this dream.

Since that time, I tried to recall past dreams that have given me heads up, or warning, as to what was to come in the future. One dream was a brief experience being apart of the events of 911, as a victim. (More about that dream in another post in the past prophetic dreams section.)

Over time, with my life and the changes in the world, my dreams have not stopped providing me with prophetic type dreams. 

Learning and Experiencing In Order To Serve

After completing my bachelor’s degree I found myself married. Soon into the marriage, I became a mother to the wonderful blessing of a son. I had to decide to leave an abusive and controlling marriage for the safety of my newborn and myself. Shortly after these quick events, I was able to get my divorce.

Fast-forwarding over the stressful moments to end the marriage, and working out custody matters with an abusive person, I needed to find myself again. With everything I had, I pulled on my faith and tested how strong it would be to get me through the years of the battle of family court.

I thought my career path was solely set on the culinary industry, but the spiritual being, within me, kept nudging to explore it further. 

Needless to say, I had plenty of skills and interests in starting my life as a single mother. It was very exciting. But I questioned and longed for an answer, in a career that would combine these skills. With a new field in mind, I didn’t need to sacrifice one for the other. To note, I also no longer had a controlling spouse standing in the way of future happiness.

Without further thought, I took the plunge and became a Certified Dream Interpreter. Plans are still in the works for managing my energy body, so I’m not constantly shutting down a computer, or turning out lights when entering a room. 

The only means of reaching you is by electronics. So at any point, if there are any reply delays, your first thought should be that I’m having spiritual energy issues. All will be resolved at the right time though, as everything happens for a reason.

Connecting With A Certified Dream Interpreter

I’ve come to realize that frequently talking about dreams, that people are fearful of the topic. I will not argue that dreams can be scary at times. That is why it’s important to look at the dreams’ meaning and message.

The art of dreams and dreaming is such a passion of mine, I want to help you see the reasons and purpose for them. If at any time you have a dream that needs to be interpreted, please reach out to me. No dream is too scary, too sad, too strange, or too outright embarrassing. I have had them all! TRUST ME! You will get to read some very personal dreams of mine in the future.

I used to be wary and even afraid of my dreams until I came around to see the bigger picture. For example, with my prophetic dreams, there was always a message that I could discover. On occasion, I was able to deliver a dream message if I knew them personally.

For instance, it’s not uncommon for others to have dreams that hold a message for someone else. Are you visiting my site for a reason? Do you need an interpretation to find the message together with me? Help and understanding can come from anyone at any time.

When ordering a dream interpretation, responses may be delayed if there is a dream I need to have, in order to complete your interpretation. In all cases, I hope you are open to receive any message that comes to you with an open mind. Dream interpreters are just the messenger. We do not take anything personally. (Or at least shouldn’t.)

Moving Forward

I want you to be able to finally get answers from an interpretation. To hopefully move on with life a little more comfortable, happy, relaxed, and knowing that you too have a reason and purpose for being here on Earth.

These posts may bring out emotions that you would have never thought about when visiting a website. You may even shy away after learning some truths. But in all, I desire that one day you will find the truth and change your relationship within yourself for the better, and move on with life with tools and answers found here.

Until next time.

Happy Day and Happy Dreaming. 


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