Today was an interesting day! It started with dreams of traveling and meeting new people in different states. Then on to learn more about energy and its path to our bodies. Let me start by saying that I have been longing for my spiritual gifts to increase, for myself and be able to make a difference through my spiritual work. And this evening, I’ve had a breakthrough.

Most of the day, my thoughts have been around my dream from the morning. I had a work call in the evening, and that’s when I noticed something different happening within my body.

Two years ago, during meditation, I first witnessed an energy sensation build-up, which prompted me to learn about our energy bodies. I knew many years before that my hands were capable of something miraculous, and my first thoughts we of Jesus and His healing stories. 

For a few hours, today was spent discovering tarot forecasting of my sign, the law of attraction, to my area of work about dreams. Connecting with others in my field, I began to notice feeling a strange sensation throughout my head. Not being completely unaware of what it was, my first thoughts were related to the crown chakra.

Those of you who may not know, the chakras are energy points within our bodies that work in connection with our physical health and spiritual bodies. 

I began to feel a tingling sensation on the left side of my head. The feeling would come and go as time went on. Mind you as I’m writing this it’s about an hour past the time of the gathering and the feelings are still with me.

The tingle began to increase and spread, starting from the back of my skull, to below my left cheekbone. If you think about a mohawk haircut, this would be the amount of surface area the sensation covered.

Or imagine it like this. Have you ever had someone point their finger close to your skin, and your skin begins to sense something being close to your body? It about that same feeling, but constant. Only growing and decreasing in its intensity level. If I focus on it, the tingle seems to increase more.

Curious as one would be, I searched for spiritual meanings of this feeling. Reading about the opening of the crown chakra and its symptoms, I haven’t come across any personal experiences of spiritual gifts opening. Tonight I want to share my experience with you. These abilities are not closed to specific people, but open to all of us.

want to note that our bodies are sacred and should be guarded always. Our heads are houses for the opening and connection between spirit, out Source, and ourselves. From this experience, I know that I’m connecting with Source. I may also be receiving information as I explore my gifts further; choosing to learn for others.

Tonight I will spend time meditating on this feeling before bed.

If you have had a similar experience or would love to share your thoughts on this, I welcome you to write here! We should never be alone when experiencing our spiritual gifts. Every moment is an opportunity to help others.

As always, 


Happy Day, and Happy Dreaming!



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