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Welcome, Sunday!

Halloween is over, but it’s the beginning of the holiday season. Many people, myself included, enjoy the holidays. From the planning of having family and friends come over, creating menu ideas, or mapping out a course for holiday shopping, it’s all very thrilling!

However, for some, the holidays are filled with stress, fear, and sometimes grief. We allow these emotions, good or bad, to overcome us. And when emotions get the best of us, we can’t focus on happiness and spending time with others. Families and friendships all have their moments of hard times and seeing people for the first time in a while, may bring up unresolved problems. Siblings might not get along, mother-in-laws who don’t like your spouse, children are unruly and disrespectful…the list of relationship dynamics goes on and on. How can anyone possibly enjoy the holidays with so much hate and anger, and blame to go around? It’s impossible. By giving in to the feelings of seeing others you don’t get along with, can have a big impact on our dreams.

Dreams of family members or friends can start occurring up until the day of your planned holiday. When a dream hits the night before, watch out! These dreams may cause added stress and concern.

The holidays are a wonderful time to not only see loved ones but to catch up on the highs and lows of the year. If holiday dreams plague you with worry, let’s uncover what the dream is truly trying to tell you.

Your holidays don’t have to be an overdramatized gathering. Find a better method to reconnecting with love and understanding.

Ready to talk about your dream? Write your dream for submission, or schedule a live dream consultation with me.

Let’s end the year with positive change!

Talk soon- Cassie

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