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Total jaw drop with this page!! I’m ‘almost’ at a loss for words and then kind of not. I’ve known for some time now that toothpaste is not always natural and healthy but reading that toothpaste can cause you to gain weight?!?!?! What!!!
It all started when I had a dream about my teeth falling out and the reason/source was my toothpaste. I tried to confirm with my dentist the damage that toothpaste can cause. The response was neither to confirm nor deny, but “it could be the reason.”
Perhaps this dentist never really thought about the ingredients causing harm to our teeth. Who knows, but it’s now my journey to seek healthy products to keep my teeth clean and attached! 😀
Going back to weight gain, it does make sense if you think about how much toothpaste companies blend and mix ingredients to taste appealing to children and adults. Sweeteners. Candy flavors. Cavities. Weight gain. Simple links, right?
I’ve decided to take on researching more, and more, about toothpaste, teeth health, and finding natural and organic ways of keeping our “dirtiest part of the body” clean.
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