My dream this morning may be a warning in southern Texas and northern Mexico. Dates and times are not certain, ut may be a concern for the upcoming summer months.


In the dream, I was viewing a map, like watching the weather forecast. The map first showed a small tropical storm forming the gulf of Mexico. Then it panned into viewing south Texas, but showing counties that were different shades of red. The light red counties were where fires had begun to spread. As I watched, more and more counties were turning a darker red. I figured that the wind was carrying embers and falling in different places, starting and spreading the fire. The rate at which this was happening was extremely fast. Then large barns began to show up on the map which suggested most of the landowners are farmers along the border and tip of Texas and have tons of land to cover. The fire on the map continued to spread over the south Texas counties really fast.

I had called 911 and the phone lines just rang. I repeatedly hung up and redialed with no answer each time. On the last attempt, it sounded like it switched to the non-emergency system but I was in the motion of hanging up when I heard this. I was trying to think of ways to get a hold of people to not block the phone lines and to tell them there would be no answer due to all the resources going to the fires. I was sensing that people were at work when this occurred and felt that there was a great panic to begin immediately to do what they could to stop the fire and save their land and livestock.


Sample photo map of Texas counties.
Sample photo map of Texas counties.

Cassie’s Interpretation-

Literal interpretation: This could give us a valuable heads up about the serve heat that is to hit our state this summer and we should all take precautions for such an emergency. With a storm system out in the gulf, may suggest that this large scale fire could take place around a tropical storm or destructive hurricane.

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