My dream:
Just before waking this morning, I was having a conversation with a spiritual woman. In her office, which was in my house, she had charts of crystals and stones hanging on the wall. This woman wanted me to shop and buy a particular black stone. I needed to shop at a crystal store in the next town over. She had given me this talisman to put on my bed for protection. It was hand-made with sticks and a crocheted piece that was pink and white. I went to my room to place the item in the center of my bed, just laying on my pillows. I was to recite a prayer, too. 
Before going to sleep last night, I was thinking about things around the home that can be portals into other realms, and how those items affect one’s dreams. This seems to be a connection into more awareness from what I dreamed about!
Now, I need to do some Google map searching to see if there’s such a shop nearby. Also, to check which stones and crystals are black, or have black in them in my collection. I have to get to the bottom of what I need from this dream!!
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