I can’t believe that it’s been three years since I’ve asked spirit what to do with my written dream collection. The answer was gnawing at me to write the dreams out in magazine form. In 2018 I sat down and began to brainstorm my dream magazine. Last year I launched my first publication of the Dear Dreamer Magazine®- which was a no-brainer to launch a special edition.

While putting final touches on the launch of the magazine, I was formulizing which topic to follow next. Signs everywhere were pointing and saying “COLORS”! Well, colors it is!

And there are so many of my own dreams that are in color, too! With hundreds of dreams still to go through, organize, and interpret for publication of Dear Dreamer Magazine®, I have been working for months sorting dreams out and how I want this magazine to look and read for my fans.

In the Dear Dreamer Magazine®: Special Edition: Aliens, I offered you insights into how I provide dream interpretations by using my own dreams. For this next issue, as a “normal” subject, I want to approach it more like a dream therapist(my next goal up from being a Certified Dream Interpreter,) and offer a different, and much more personal perspective into dreams.

As with aliens, I understand that not many people are ready for that “can of worms” to be discussed, as you would feel more comfortable discussing what color means in a dream. It’s a feeling I have that this new format will work for future issues of Dear Dreamer Magazine® that are not special editions.

But, I could be lead in a completely different direction for each issue! And that would be alright with me. My main goal for the magazine was to have a complete source for my dreams and keep them forever while helping others understand how dreams are gifts, for assisting each of us as we go through life.

I have to admit, writing a self-publication is nothing like putting together a photo book for my family. There are so many components to juggle. It’s a perfect project for this Capricorn though! I love details and working out categories for the magazine.

So how will this issue be different?

There are many “dream dictionaries” out there, so if you’re used to those, the magazine will have a slightly similar style. Some dictionaries are confusing, and who wouldn’t disagree- because dreams are all over the place with symbolism as it is.

Okay, give me a second to regain my thoughts after writing that sentence. I got caught up thinking about one dream dictionary in my book collection, and my own dream writing organization, that I got a little dizzy. Good thing I’m currently sitting down on solid ground as I type this.

But let this be my challenge, not yours. Your pleasure will be having the new issue in your hands.

So here’s to the next Dear Dreamer Magazine® topic launch!

Please be sure to check out my YouTube channel, Insights By Cassie. It’s a slow build as I work on the next issue of dreams, and as always, when my energy and the universe work in balance and technology will work in my favor for uploading new content.


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