The first time around, those desires of being around for my child ended, as did the dream of homeschooling. But everything is completely different with my second marriage. What I like to call, “the right way”, of how it should have been. 


In the beginning stages of building our lives, we are also at the start of planning our home. In the plans is a  room for a classroom for our homeschooling needs. It’s like my dream of becoming a teacher will come true after all. I couldn’t be more excited about this new path in motherhood.  


I have begun searching for items to help my child in the early stages of learning. With my first son, after the divorce had been finalized, I searched for alternatives to daycare in order to fight my custody battle with more focus and look for work to afford those extra court costs, too. 


I came across Montessori schools and was interested in their studies and methods of learning. 


My mom will tell me stories of how I was in daycare and one place I was going to, had me temporarily with older kids. And the amazing thing about that was I was fine with them. This integration of mixing age groups was something that Montessori schools do, so I took notice. 


I set up some interviews with the directors of local Montessori schools and took my son to visit them. One classroom had different age groups mixed in that we observed. The director mentioned things the children can do at an early age and I was beyond impressed. But things never moved forward with putting him in Montessori school due to the custody battle that followed. 


Learning starts at such an early stage of life so my search for schooling materials lead me to the Lovevery brand of toys and materials designed and approved for Montessori style learning at home. We are currently waiting on our first products while I write this post. 


In the meantime, I’ve gone through storage for items I kept from my first son to start teaching my second. My parents had purchased the Your Baby Can Read set which my son absolutely loved and picked up on quickly. 


These homeschooling methods work. It takes time but as a nursing mother already, time spent being with my child hasn’t been a big adjustment of giving extra moments for some study. And, at such a young age, a little bit goes a long way as each day a baby’s attention span increases. I would say it’s no different than spending time with your child for floor and tummy time. A couple of minutes will give you results.