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While waiting on our first Lovevery play gym, we still continue on with tummy time with the mats we have. 


Because family is a big part of both my husband's and my life, we have multiple products at our parents' houses to avoid "packing up the house" each time we go for a visit. This includes items for development and school. 


Some would say I did double the work on myself when pregnant because I was "nesting" for multiple households. I prepared more for our home and my parents' house. 


Why would I create extra work on myself you might ask? Well, family is extremely important. It's also an exciting time once again for a baby to come into our family after we've experienced such a horrific past of me dealing with a nasty divorce and custody battle. We have never been so close personally to such a situation. Things like that take a lot from a loving and supportive family unit. All those years between marriages were a time for healing for me. 


I was also alone on the other side of the US with no family or friends when I had my first son. My family had missed out on most of my pregnancy, and most of the first year of my son's life. This time around, I wanted them included in more ways than just by the telephone.  


As I purchased items, and not to mention repurchased most things I sold to pay attorneys and travel for court, I made two piles: one would stay at our house, and the other pile would go to my parent's house. 


During my first pregnancy, I managed to make a trip home for some family functions, and to my surprise, my younger sister had painted my childhood bedroom. She transformed the entire room into a beautiful farmland nursery. I'll have to write some nursery posts soon, and tell you all about that, along with pictures.  


So my son gets to enjoy his big brother's nursery now. He is becoming more alert to the room and its wall paintings when we visit. 


Most times our visits are overnights, so it makes sense to have the room set up and fully stocked. 


We never miss our routine for floor and tummy time while with the grandparents. However, I'm curious to see how we'll manage packing up the play gym and its traveling ease from Lovevery. 


At my parent's house, I have one mat. While at our house, I have kept my son's floor and tummy mats from back then. 


I kept this Curious George crib bumper and decided to put it on the outside of the crib to use for tummy time. He's also become aware of the mirror and it holds his attention for several minutes. Seeing a baby enjoy his own reflection is such a cute thing! 


One tip that I told myself to do this time around was to take more videos and pictures of both the baby and myself with the baby. 


At this stage, he's discovered his hands and fingers, and in the past week has begun to hold his hands. So the first time I filmed his tummy time, he went straight to munching on his hand. Quite a funny video he'll enjoy when he's older. 


I do my best to not limit floor and tummy time to his bedroom in both houses, because our family utilizes multiple rooms. This gives more discovery and opportunities to view different things in the house and bring them to eye level on the floor.


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