Cassie, The Mystic Texas Gardener

Welcome to my Color 4 Wellness page! Some of my first memories are of my family's garden, all the time spent pulling weeds, and sneaking a fresh snack of tomatoes when no one was looking. As my siblings and I grew up, moved off to college, our large garden would only have a few items once its "workers" moved on with their lives. While attending college at Le Cordon Bleu, I was introduced to shocking documentaries of the food industry and its effects on Earth, our bodies, as well as all economies. I had known about some of the massive food downfalls before culinary school, but it was my own taste buds that gave me the first signs something was wrong with our food. And changes were not stopping the more I consumed my favorite items. I'm a single mom and once the ball started to roll on getting a separation and divorce, my health began to change in ways I knew that I needed even more nutritional support than ever before. My body couldn't handle the stress I was under during this time. Over the past two years, I've been constructing and planning, gathering, and test planting an edible garden in my great home state of Texas. Having been used to the soil here, I was ready to break ground and expand on varieties of fruits and vegetables. Here is my journey through my first groundbreaking Texas hill country garden. Let's dig up some dirt and get healthy!

Texas Woman Makes A Delicious Homemade Orchard Blackberry Pie

Well, my first blackberry pie that is. Texas women are a fashionable prize and hold true to the pride of […]