Dream Predictions

What Is Cassie's Favorite Type Of Dream?

There are many types of dreams one can have on any given opportunity of sleep. Each of us has these dreams at certain stages in life-or through life. My favorite type of dreams to dream is prophetic dreams. These prophetic dreams are really dreams that do come true. They may offer to waking reality, moments of the future in parts, or as full dream detail. 

Past Dream Predictions

Curious to see what dreams of Cassie’s have come true? What major events have shown up as a warning in her dreams? Can you relate to having similar dreams of seeing future events? Read through Past Dream Predictions by Cassie. 

Prophetic Dream Series

Most people believe that our dreams are tools to help us for many different reasons. Prophetic dreams show us the future, and if there is a need or way to change the outcome beforehand. While at other times, we simply wait for the event to occur. I ask you to remember when things can’t or won’t change, not to be fearful. If something is removed or changed, always look at how it will or could change your life for the better. If you are resisting, is it out of fear? Life can not improve in a state of fear or worry.

I also have to address that this series is quite different than the Public Dream Service Announcement dreams I’ve created. In the fact that most PDSA(Public Dream Service Announcement) dreams are more about criminal activity in nature. Whereas in my prophetic series will be more centered around things like geographical locations and worldly events, such as the devastating act of 911. But there should be no confusion as to at any time there may be small overlaps in the messages, so I encourage you to read over both sections of the Prophetic Dream Series and my Public Dream Service Announcements.

Most people can never accomplish to change the world for the better alone. Because of my many prophetic dreams, it’s often hard to determine whether or not I have the means to interferon with an outcome. Sometimes, a change may not be needed at all, but a message to tell us what is to come, in hopes of preparing for a better and loving reaction. It’s my duty as a Certified Dream Interpreter to share with you my dreams and visions as they come.

Public Dream Service Announcement (PDSA)

Discover how essential dreams can be for providing clues into daily events, future warnings, global corruption, and crime, and for moments that require immediate attention by the community. For example, BREAKING NEWS.

I will post about my dreams in as much detail as they can offer me when I feel there’s a need for concern or caution about an event. 

See how you can do your part to help me spread the word, provide insights and at times, provide justice to those around each of us. Dreams are tools that should never be ignored, as a true blessing from our Creators Mother and Father God, they offer us to stand up for what’s right and proceed with love and understanding.

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