One Dream Interpretation Does Not Fit All

Just like our spirit and life paths of interests and hobbies change and evolve, so do our dreams. Our dreams change at the same pace we live life. Dreams offer guidance as we go throughout life, whether we recall the details or not. This is why so many people are either so willing to talk about their dreams- like me! -or refuse to acknowledge what was seen or heard through a dream. A dream message maybe for a married couple, while someone else’s dream could suggest options for a new career path. The world we visit while we sleep is just as busy and true as our waking lives. It’s time to embrace both worlds!

Why is it important to learn what your dreams are offering?

Dreams can stay with us for days, months, even years, which can cause stress and fear that may ruin our day-to-day living in a positive way. If it’s a particularly disturbing dream, it can jeopardize our way of thinking about our living environment, and even get us to question our relationships with others. Worst-case scenario, our loving relationship with ourselves. When receiving a dream interpretation, it’s similar to reading a book. Like each book, dreams contain new knowledge and insights into the importance of guidance and support we need throughout life. 

Why are dream interpretations more than looking up symbols?

Searching for dream symbols is only part of the process of dream interpretation. All dreams are simple and complex, as is the individual dreamer. Each dream offers its own level of discovery, therefore one smybols desciption for one person, may have a different meaning to another person. Dreams are quite clever when they direct their messages to us personally. 

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Dream Interpretation Client Testimonials

My Dream Interpretation is right on! It gives all the possibilities of what it can mean & then some! I was able to fully understand the results without any problems! Some readings leave someone with more questions but Cassie seriously helps you out & doesn’t leave any loose ends-it’s like the answers come to both of you without hesitation! I highly recommend!

Lisa, USA

Dream Interpretation Client

“‘Feeling unbalanced about a person…may need to take a different path(possible heartbreak ahead), making plans that will backfire…take shelter because (I may) know that person is not good for (me)…yet still want to move forward regardless of consequences…what (I’m) hiding from myself–not wanting to deal with what’s going on in (my) life, but trying to avoid the outcome. The fire represents what needs to be acknowledged. Plane crashes that are near signal fear and doubt in the back of (my) mind.’ -I definitely overreact and lash out in anger at others. I need to change my way of thinking in order to regain control of my life. Going to need lots of patience and work to get back to a good place.”

Kelli, USA

Dream Interpretation Client

“Cassie interpreted two dreams for me. The results were thought-provoking, powerful, and very insightful. I feel Cassie’s interpretations were helpful to gain a greater understanding and guidance for many of my hidden hopes, desires, and challenges. I highly recommend Cassie.”

Brenda, USA

Dream Interpretation Client

There are many types of dreams one can have on any given opportunity of sleep. Each of us have these dreams at certain stages in life-or through life. My favorite type of dreams to dream are prohetic dreams. These prohetic dreams are really dreams that do come true. They may offer waking reailty moments of the future in parts, or as full dream detail. 

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